Thursday, November 5, 2009

Vegging Up is Hard to Do

I briefly alluded in an earlier post that I am exploring vegetarianism.

It’s hard. In the last few years, my meat consumption has gone way down in part because my husband doesn’t eat a lot of meat. It’s not much fun to fry up a pork chop and eat it alone. I’ve never been a big beef eater either aside from the occasional hamburger and a steak here and there. Because of this, I thought I could transition over to a diet that was about 80% meat free.

I began my journey on October 1. I did really well for two weeks. (I did eat cheese, eggs, and seafood. ) But then it sort of unraveled. Everyone wanted chili for the homecoming tailgate party. I didn’t eat much and I did use antibiotic/hormone free beef. The next week my boss wanted to buy me a Chik Fil A sandwich. And then we started a home improvement project and ate terribly during the duration.

So, now with the project over and no excuses, I’m trying to get back on path. I know that I can probably never be a true vegetarian. I’m now getting back on goal of being about 80% meat free.

At least grilling season is over.

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janelle said...

You could probably be a Semi-Vegetarian. I do that to eat healthier and a littler more frugally. I start each supper with a big salad, and then two or three nights a week, have yummie veggie suppers.