Friday, November 20, 2009

Share the Coupon Love

Until the holidays are over, your mailbox and your inbox are probably going to fill with coupons. Every store will be having their BIGGEST sale EVER!!!!!! on a weekly basis with extra coupons just for YOU!!! By all means, use what you can and will but don't forget to share the coupon wealth with others.

A co-worker of mine was recently taking donations of $10 JC Penney coupons that were making the rounds. Her church adopted 35 needy kids from a local school and her Sunday School class was charged with buying them pajamas. With the use of JCP coupons plus Kohl's coupons and Kohl's Cash promotions they were able to buy $1,200 worth of pajamas for a little over $200!

So before you pitch a coupon or delete yet another ad in your inbox, look around and see if anyone you know could use the extra savings.

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