Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of Flying

Yesterday was my first day of trying to reclaim my house-Fly Lady style.

One thing you should know is that if you sign up for Fly Lady’s help, you will get a lot of emails. A LOT of emails. One that I received yesterday was about what Fly Lady calls the Home Blessing Hour. Basically, it’s seven chores that you should do weekly that should take about an hour. If you don’t want to spend an hour then you can break up the chores. I chose the breakout method.

I printed out a generic calendar page for the month of September. My goal is to pencil in a few chores each day. For August 31, which technically wasn’t part of the month so I had to use a blank square, I scribbled the following:

Empty trash –one of Fly Lady’s weekly chores. Tuesday is our garbage pickup so I would have done this anyway
Run dishwasher- Fly Lady would say to do this daily. We don’t rack up enough dishes to make it worth the water and can generally get by on one or two runs per week.
Do a load of laundry-I missed Fly Lady’s August challenge of doing one load per day but figure I should jump in anyway
Purge magazines/mail- A Fly Lady chore. I actually did this on Sunday but I did sort through a few more before the garbage was sacked.
Shine mirrors/doors-Another Fly Lady chore. It was actually very quickly done and does give the rooms with mirrors a nicer look.
Make spaghetti sauce for Tuesday dinner-This was on my own. I am taking chiropractic therapy every day after work and am late getting home so I need a head start on dinner.

I managed to get this list done last night and probably should feel somewhat proud.

I intentionally did easy chores first and put off mopping and running the vacuum cleaner. (Sneaky aren’t I?) Tonight will be harder for me since I have therapy and then a standing date to power walk with a friend. Maybe Fly Lady will email me a simple daily challenge that I can do in just a little bit of time.

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