Wednesday, January 7, 2009

RIP Goody's

Goody's Family Clothing is closing its stores. The holiday boom wasn't enough to keep it going even after they shutdown many stores in the fall.

It makes me sad. I hadn't shopped there in years but our town had just opened a brand new store. It seemed so odd that as other stores were shutting down, we got a new one. So, it's the first failed store of our new shopping development. A new development that I fear will be pretty bare with the economy being what it is.

Goody's seemed much nicer when I was younger. My mom and I spent many great Saturdays at Goody's looking for deals. The quality started to slid in later years and I stopped shopping there. Mom complained she could never find anything anymore. I guess it just slowly done itself in.

My neighbor worked for a car dealership that just shut down and his wife worked at Goody's. I feel badly for them.

I hope 09 begins to shine for everyone.

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