Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to the Grind and the Start of 09

Tomorrow, it's back to work for me. Boo! I know that I should not complain because one, I'm very fortunate to have a job in this crappy economy and two, I'm very fortunate to get such a long holiday break. But still, over two weeks of sleeping in, wearing pjs til noon and going shopping in the middle of the day is a hard habit to break.

I didn't really make any resolutions this year. Well that's not true. For the past thirty plus years it's been to get in shape. So yeah, I want to get in shape. Actually, I just want to take better care of myself and that includes eating better. I also want to try to save money which is also almost an annual goal. I've always been frugal but I want to get back to the swing of things where I'm clipping coupons and getting great deals. I got sort of lazy with that at the end of the year. I'm going to try to do better.

One very important goal for 2009 is to finish my masters degree. If all goes as planned I will graduate in the spring. This means I'm taking two classes this semester. I am super motivated to get it over with.

I also want to blog more. I have enjoyed my blog and I hope to keep it going despite my hectic schedule.

So I guess that's me this Sunday night on the eve of going back to work....

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Janelle said...

The kids go back to school tomorrow and that means 6:30 mornings again. Like you, I've loved staying in PJs till lunchtime and sleeping till I felt like getting up. Why, oh why must we go back to the routines again????