Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Better Scrambled Eggs

The first thing I remember cooking on the stove is scrambled eggs. I made them the way my mom taught me: eggs, splash of milk or cream, salt, and pepper then whisk. (I like the whisking a lot as a kid).

A few years ago I made some changes. I started using seasoned salt instead of regular salt. And I picked up this tip from watching Paula Deen: Instead of putting a splash of milk in your eggs, put a splash of water. Paula said it would make the eggs lighter and fluffier and she was right! My in-laws swear I make the best scrambled eggs they've ever had.

This weekend I read another tip in a newsletter that I must try: Let the eggs come to room temperature before scrambling to make them even fluffier.

Who knew a simple dish like scrambled eggs could have so many techniques to it?

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Linda said...

I have used water before, and I think they were fluffier. I just forget to use it because using milk is such an old habit. I've never the tip about using eggs at room temperature. I'll have to try it.