Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Heart Apple

Over the next few weeks, I will spotlight some of the best and worst online shopping experiences that I have had. I told you about a real dud a couple of weeks ago so it's only fair to balance it out with a more positive story.

Three years ago, I bought my husband (who was then my boyfriend) an Ipod Nano. I ordered it online from Apple rather than buying it from a retailer because 1) Apple offers free engraving 2) Shipping was free-and fast! 3) I got a meager discount because I work in education and 4) It's a rebateshare.com store so I got a teeny rebate. He loves his Ipod and it reigns as the best gift I've come up with for him so far.

I plan to buy my niece an Ipod Shuffle through Apple as well. Although the educator discount doesn't apply to the Shuffle, I still get free shipping and free engraving. Since she's only 4, it's important that her name be on EVERYTHING in case she sneaks it to school or something.

If you plan on buying an Ipod for someone (or yourself) this holiday season, I recommend you check out Apple's website. Free engraving and free shipping are hard to beat!

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