Thursday, October 30, 2008

Why I Will Never Shop at Target Dot Com

I am hesitant to write this because I know the mere mention of the red bullseye place will cause Google AdSense to generate links to said website which will defeat my purpose of saying DON'T SHOP THERE. But I will try anyway.

I've been doing some online shopping this week and as I scanned RebateShare for deals I was reminded of a horrible experience I had with red bullseye place this summer and why I will NOT shop their online store again.

It started when a co-worker had a bridal shower and registered at red bullseye place (RBP). There is no RBP in our town so I offered to take up an order, place it online and divvy up shipping costs since gas prices were insane and I knew no one wanted the hassle of making a trip to buy gifts.

Order was placed, everything was good. The shipment came in and one gift was missing. I called customer service and reported this. She told me that the item was in stock and they would ship it. The shower was less than a week away and standard shipping took up to 7 days.

"So you will send this express right?" I asked.
"Well sure if that's what you want. Now let me get a total for that.."
"Um no," I said. "The gift was left out of the box, the shower is next week, this was a $300 order and I think the least you can do is ship it priority."
"We don't do THAT." said RBP person. "We are replacing the gift after all."
"No," I said. "You are not replacing anything. You did not send the gift to start with."

I did not pay for express shipping and they sent it standard a day before the shower. I open it up and it's broken. It was a set of glasses and half of them were broken. Another friendly call to RBP. I am told that the glasses can be returned to the nearest store for a refund or exchange.

"That's it?" I asked. "I'm sorry but I think I deserve something here."
"Well," said RBP person. "I can credit your account $15 for your next online purchase."
"I don't think you understand. There will NOT BE A NEXT ONLINE PURCHASE. Your service is awful!!!"
"I'm very sorry."

Then RBP sends me an email with a customer satisfaction survey which you better believe I filled out. And guess what? I never heard from them again. Unlike every other store that will send you daily/weekly emails I get nothing from them. Which is fine because I don't want their crap but still, it shows how much your business is worth to RBP.

My Santa sleigh will not be pulling in their parking lot this season.

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