Monday, November 3, 2008

Thanking Kroger for Thanking Us!

My husband does not usually get as excited about good coupons as I do. But even he was rather thrilled to open an envelope of Kroger coupons this weekend. Every so often Kroger sends coupons to us. They track our purchases with our Kroger card and send coupons for things that we usually purchase. They outdid themselves this time though with some good FREEBIES!

FREE package of Sargento Cheese
FREE package of Kroger bottled water (24-pack, 16.9 oz bottles)
FREE package of Pillsbury crescent rolls, dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls or danish)
FREE Ben and Jerry's ice cream (16 oz)!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a rare treat so I'm excited

Besides the freebies there were other goodies too: 50 cents off Armour chili or beef stew, $1 off two packages of Sargento, 55 cents off my beloved Laughing Cow cheese, 75 cents on two crescent rolls, $1 off Sister Schubert rolls (can't have the holidays without Sister girl),and a few others that I'm less excited about but will probably use. All in all, great savings! Watch your mailbox if you are a Kroger shopper.

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