Friday, October 3, 2008

10 Things to Do During Lunch on Campus

10. Resist the temptation of overstuffed sandwiches and baked goods at the coffee shop and stroll on over to the cafeteria for salad bar and soup.

9. Realize that no matter how old you are, when you eat alone in a cafeteria you are again a 14 year old loser.

8. Watch skinny girls eat plates of food, curse silently, then decide that they must have an eating disorder.

7. Feel like a rebel when you step into the "Out of Service" drink station to swipe a container of half and half.

6. Wonder why the soup you are eating is called Ham and Chicken when there is no visible proof of either.

5. Stroll into the bookstore to see what's new on the Bargain Books shelves.

4. Convince yourself that you really do not need a hardback listing of everyone buried in the Richmond Cemetery even though you think it would be really cool.

3. Have a five minute conversation with your husband without really saying anything but "Ok".

2. Watch students walk a tightrope they have strung up between two trees in the Ravine.

1. Decide absolutely nothing is more beautiful than a sunny fall day on campus.

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