Monday, October 6, 2008

Cheap lunch

Just a quick post while I scarf down my 25 cent lunch of Easy Mac. Not the most nutritional lunch going but I am fighting a cold and I need comfort food. I had a coupon for $1 off two packages of it and it was only 75 cents so I got two containers for 50 cents or a quarter each.

On the other side of this building, my hubby is slurping down some 86 cent soup for lunch.

Yes, I've been couponing pretty heavy. I'm averaging about $5 in coupons per grocery store trip. That's nothing compared to how well some people do but I think it's pretty good especially since we buy a lot of stuff in bulk at Sam's (detergent, paper products, cleaners, frozen meat, etc.) and don't get that much stuff at the grocery.

This week I plan to make a CVS run although I'm not going to jinx myself by posting my CVS plan until I see if it works. I've been having a lot of bare shelf issues when I go there. Maybe this time everything I want will be in stock.

Stay tuned this week to see the wonderful chicken taco soup I concocted!

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