Monday, June 21, 2010

Recap: Next Food Network Star Episode 3

I was on vacation last week so I wasn’t able to do a recap. In short, Doreen was voted off which I saw coming from a mile away.

Last night found our finalists without Bobby Flay which I found highly enjoyable as I am not a fan. (Apparently neither is my hubby since he quipped during the first episode “I hope they send the redheaded guy home!”) Stepping in as Bobby’s replacement was Guy Fieri.

The first challenge had the finalists creating dishes to match a movie theme that they drew out of a popcorn box. I find these challenges a little dumb. How do you prepare a dish that represents drama or sci-fi or anything? The finalists did their best efforts and then presented them on camera to Guy, Giada and Bob. Most of them did not fare well with their presentation efforts and some of them were chided for their interpretations. Das’s tacos were not “foreign” enough apparently. Aarti won thanks to a meatloaf with a glob of something resembling an eye on top.

Moving along the finalists were then taken to a red carpet and critiqued on how they handled attention from fans and the press. Guy stood at the end of the carpet muttering comments. Brianna loved the attention but had nothing to say to any of her admirers. Das gave a token “What’s up?” or something to everyone. Dzintra twirled and danced her way down the carpet and spoke nonsense to the media. Paul was obnoxious as usual. Basically, these folks have a lot of work to do to become “stars”.

The final challenge was to pair up the finalists, give them kooky food combinations and ask them to prepare food for a party that included Colbie Caillat. Paul was less than thrilled to be paired up with Serena since he is a professional chef and she is a lowly home cook. Brianna and Herb were the self-proclaimed Team Sexy, Tom and Das were paired up and seemed to have the most fun. Brad was teamed with Aarti and then there was the unlikely pairing of Dzintra and Aria. Ditzy claimed that Aria didn’t seem to trust her skills. Can’t say I blame her with some of the stunts that Dzintra has pulled so far this season.

While dashing through the kitchen, Serena has her foot stepped on by Brianna. Brianna says it was Serena’s fault for having her foot in the way. Serena soldiers on though and produces a tension filled selection of food with Paul. While their distaste for each other is clear, their collaborative dish is a hit. Tom and Das whip up an inedible dish but they are just so darn cute and funny that no one seems to find. Team Sexy is tops in food even if Brianna’s personality is still lacking. Arai tries to lead her team’s presentation but is “shushed” by Dzintra who wants to talk.

During evaluation, Paul begins explaining that Serena was working in her “home cooking way”. Guy immediately shuts him up, reminds him that many of Food Network’s biggest stars are NOT trained chefs and the competition is “anyone’s to lose”. Go Guy! It was reminiscent of Bobby Flay telling Teddy last season that a little chivalry goes a long way in the kitchen. The bottom dwellers this week were Paul (again), Dzintra (again), Serena and Aria. The judges seem to be losing their loving feeling for Aria but ditzy Dzintra was too much for them. She was sent packing.
Right now, I really like Serena, Aarti, Herb and Tom. Tom’s food never really looks that good but it’s the shaggy dog thing. Paul and Brianna would be my picks for instant kick-off.

Next week, I predict Paul will be packing his apron.

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Suzie Ridler said...

Hi Minda! So nice to meet you! I am also a huge fan of this show and was so glad that they set him straight. TFN is the only place where being a homemaker can make you a star, I LOVE that!

I am happy to hear that you used crushed tomatoes instead and the sauce turned out fine. It's true, rosemary is very robust and strong, can totally overpower a dish. You are very welcome! Comments like yours keep me inspired to keep testing out recipes for everyone. Thank you!