Saturday, June 19, 2010

Good Places to Eat in Richmond, KY: Jadeli

I've decided to start posting an occasional review of local eateries in my area. I'm starting with one of my favorites: Jadeli.

If you are traveling through Richmond, you might not notice Jadeli. It's tucked away in a tiny shopping center on the EKU By-pass next to a nail salon. You should definitely find it though because they offer one of the best sandwiches around. They are also locally owned and operated. They serve Boar's Head meats and cheeses which are also available for take home along with other Boar's Head products like their dressing and bacon.

Jadeli occupies the former home of a Quiznos and the setup is similiar. Your bread, meat and cheese slides through an oven and is then topped with your choice of fresh additions. You can build your own sandwich or try one of their specialites. I love the Mt Veg which is Provolone cheese melted on Honey Wheatberry bread and then topped with your choice of veggies and their wonderful Gourmaise dressing. When I crave something meatier, I go for the Spicy Cajun which is Cajun turkey topped with Pepperjack cheese and choice of veggie toppings. Pickle spears are free and you can make your sammy a combo by adding chips and a drink for around $6 or $7 depending on the sandwich.

Service is friendly, the place is always clean, and the food is terrific. Subway only wishes they could serve up a sandwich like Jadeli.

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