Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kraft First Taste=Awesome Free Stuff

I may have said it once but let me say it again, Kraft First Taste is awesome!

You can sign up here on their website and you'll be elgible to get a "first taste" of new products from Kraft. I've been a member for about a year and I have tried free Velveeta Mac and Cheese, free Digiorno 200 Calorie pizza, free Philly Minis cream cheese, just to name a few. This week I received an awesome load of free coupons in the mail.

All you do is sign up, then log in occasionally to see what offers you have. If you see something that interests you, you just click, confirm your mailing address and wait for your coupons. There are also opportunities to complete surveys and polls. I suspect that the more active you are, the more opportunities but I can't prove it. Honestly, I do not remember to log in but maybe once a month so I'm probably missing out on some good deals.

The bounty I received this week are coupons for:

FREE Kool Aid Fun Fizz Drink Drops
FREE Kraft Homestyle Mac and Cheese Dinner
FREE Deep Dish Digorno Pizza
FREE Kraft 100 Calorie Packs of Cheese Bits
FREE Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh Shaved Meats
FREE Ritz Crackerfuls Filled Crackers

Over $20 of free stuff! I love it!

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