Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How the Garden Grows

I need to take some pictures so that I can share my humble little herb garden with you.

This is, I think, the third summer that I’ve had a small herb garden. A few years ago, we remodeled our deck somewhat and ended up some scrap pieces of treated lumber. I fashioned them into a little raised bed and voila! The herb garden was born.

Chives come back each year with no coaxing or effort on my part. Lavender moved in last year and is back this year threatening to take over the bed. Mint is sprouting everywhere. It was also an addition from last year that decided to come back. I also added in some thyme that is transplanted from my mother’s garden, some parsley in a pot and a pot of basil. Last year I tried cilantro in a pot with limited success. This year I planted the cilantro directly in the ground.

In addition to the herbs, I also have a watermelon plant that was my hubby’s idea. I’m really not sure it will have room to spread out and possibly produce a watermelon but I figure we can give it a try. We also planted three hot pepper plants (again the hubby’s idea). I’ve never actually seen this man eat a hot pepper but he insists that he likes them.

During Memorial Day weekend, my niece wanted to plant some seeds. She is almost six and has been helping me garden ever since she was big enough to follow me around. Her grandmother told her it was too late to plant flower seeds but I thought maybe we could get some pumpkin seeds up and going in time for a fall harvest. I was shocked at how quick the seeds sprouted and now I have three healthy looking pumpkin plants. No clue yet on where I’m going to plant them. My mother keeps reminding me that due to last year’s pumpkin shortage, it is very hard to find canned pumpkin so I really hope these plants can produce.

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