Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hot Deal on Old Spice Body Wash

Today, I had $17 in coupons at Kroger. Thanks to some super Kroger coupons, I got FREE Ruffles potato chips and FREE Redi-Whip. Ruffles are a staple of my hubby's diet and I'm planning to make this yummy low calorie mousse this week. The best deal though was on Old Spice Body Wash.

Kroger had it on sale 2 for $7. I had a "buy one get one free" coupon from the P&G insert and a Kroger coupon for a $1.50. I had never tried combining manufacturer coupons with Kroger coupons but it worked....VERY well! The BOGO coupon rang up as the full price for a sweet deal.

2 Bottles of Body Wash $7.00
BOGO Coupon -4.23
Kroger Coupon -1.50
TOTAL $1.27

Two bottles of body wash for $1.27!! Is it sad that this deal makes me so happy???

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