Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weighing In: Sizing Up My New Year's Resolution

As promised, today is my big reveal of how I did with my goal to lose 15 pounds by April 15th.

Drum roll please…..

As of this morning, I’ve lost 13 pounds! So, I came up 2 pounds short. I’m a little disappointed but not shocked. When my weight started coming down, my clothes starting fitting better and I started feeling better, I slacked off a little on counting calories.

I’m still determined though to get that last 2 pounds off.
I talked to my mom the other night and told her that I was struggling to lose the last little bit. She told me it would get easier this summer. “Two words for you: summer veggies” she said.

“Two words for you,” I replied. “Ice cream!”

So yeah, spring and summer have definite advantages when you are trying to lose weight but drawbacks too. I’ll give another weight report next month!

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