Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trying to Help Jamie With That Food Revolution...

When I grocery shop after work, I'm generally tired, hungry and not in a great mood. This leads me to the temptation that is some sort of prepared deli item or frozen item. Or even worse, a drive-thru trip. Since 2010 has been my year of healthy eating, I'm trying to break that trend. So instead of giving in to some sort of goody, tonight I came home and made this:

It was nothing fancy. Just chicken breast, a variety of fresh veggies, wheat pasta and just a dash of bottled sweet and sour sauce. It was pretty YUM-O and healthy too!

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Janelle said...

That looks great!!! Don't you love it when you throw something together and it's wonderful? I love making stir-fries because the kids love them and they are soooo healthy!