Monday, April 12, 2010

Trying Something New: Indian Food

I had a totally new experience on Good Friday. I tried Indian food for the first time.

Ethnic food was a rare thing when I was growing up. It still boggles my mind that my hometown now has both a Chinese and a Mexican eatery. Where was that when I was kid? The town where I live now is slightly more diverse. We have several Chinese places, a couple of Mexican places (my favorite!), Thai, Japanese (I’ve grown to love sushi), Greek, and now a new Indian restaurant.

Going in, I knew little to nothing about Indian food. Thankfully, they serve a lunch buffet so I could pick out what looked good. The smell was wonderful when we walked in, spicy, but wonderful. Most of the dishes were chicken based, although I did try ground lamb with peas, and a vegetarian dish. The food was excellent. It had a great deal of comfort food appeal as it was warm and rich but not heavy. I would definitely go back.

I’m still a little hazy on how to pronounce some of the things I ate. I probably couldn’t order off the menu very successfully. But I love trying new food and am glad we are getting some diverse offerings in our town.

Do you like trying new types of food? What’s your favorite ethnic food?

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