Saturday, March 13, 2010

Surviving Spring Cleaning

Thursday morning I got up at my normal going-to-work time, had a cup of coffee and a bagel then launched into my kitchen cleaning. I cleaned and dusted my ceiling fan, washed the curtains on the kitchen window and the patio doors, cleaned off the top of the fridge, scrubbed all appliances, wiped down the cabinets with Murphy's Oil Soap, cleaned off the counters and threw away any crap that seemed unnecessary to have around.


I decided that mopping the floors could wait but then something very icky and smelly leaked out of my garbage bag so I had to mop right then and then there.

Double whew!

All in all, I was pleased with my efforts. I wish I could have gotten more done. I didn't end up attacking the closets which is a bummer. But I'm totally digging my nice clean kitchen.

So, I give myself an A effort in Spring Cleaning 2010 and maybe a B minus on results. Why is it when I'm at work I feel like there is no end to what I could get done at home????

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