Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Cleaning: The Plan

As I mentioned briefly yesterday, my kitchen is the top priority for my spring cleaning efforts. It seems like every room has gotten a little bit of a makeover in the past couple of years except the kitchen. It desperately needs to be painted but alas, I do not plan to do that right now. I do plan to give it one heck of a cleaning using the guide I posted yesterday. My main objectives are to 1) Clean cabinets inside and out, 2) Purge any gadgets or dishes that are not needed and 3) Eliminate clutter traps like the top of the refrigerator.

In addition to the kitchen, I would also like to tackle my closet, namely the top of my closet where purses and miscellaneous things tend to be lingering. The magazine rack in the living room needs to be purged. Come to think of it, the living room closet could use a going over as well.

I also have some errands that I never seem to get done on the weekend. I need to drop off some freebie/cheapie personal care items that I’ve collected to the women’s shelter. I have some items for Goodwill and will probably have more after the kitchen overhaul. And although it will be tough, I also need to go SHOPPING. (Yes, that was sarcastic.) I need new kitchen rugs.

So that’s my tentative plan. I never thought I’d be so happy about the prospect of house work.

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