Friday, February 5, 2010

Coming Soon: Change

I love to blog.

This is to date, the third blog I have started. Some of you have been with me through each of them and I thank you for that. I started this particular blog because I was so impressed with some of the cooking and homemaking blogs that I read. I wanted to show a different perspective.

I don’t feel that I’ve done that. I feel like I’ve tried to blog something that I’m not.

So I’m changing the feel of this blog. Some things will stay the same and some will change. I want to make it more about things that interest me. I love food and cooking so that part will stay. I love shopping and good deals so that’s staying. But I am also interested in diet and nutrition and fitness and I haven’t written much about that here. I also like to go off on random thoughts and I’ve tried to curtail that. But now randomness is free to roam on this page.

In the next few days, I’m going to start making some changes. I hope you’ll stick around…

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phx said...

i'll be here! :D