Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Bad Day: The Cowboy In Us All

"I have a life that most would love to have, but sometimes I still wake up fighting mad."-Tim McGraw "The Cowboy In Me"

I woke up crabby today. I don't know why. I didn't eat enough yesterday. I missed my workout. I was going to have to go in late to work because I had to wait for the utility guy to come install a new thermostat (our previous "new" one was recalled). I hate waiting on people. I picked at my hubby until he asked what my problem was. And I had to answer honestly "I don't know".

The utility guy actually got here very early. That should have been a positive. I had brought work home so I sat here trying to work while he gabbed on and on. Finally, I gave up. He left and I was on track to be out the door for work by 9. Then, I couldn't find my keys. I dumped my purse. No keys. I went through my coat pockets. No keys. Then I started looking where I knew they wouldn't be found. My gym bag. Nope. Coat pockets of coats I haven't worn in weeks. Nope. With a deep breath, I put on my snow boots and headed out to where I hoped they wouldn't be. In the car. And sure enough, there they dangled from the ignition.

You see, I hadn't driven since Monday. Monday night when I was dead tired, snow was coming, I wanted to go back to campus to hear a lecture, my dad had just had follow up health tests, and work was a bear. Yeah that night. And the keys didn't make it in. I hadn't noticed because I'd ridden to work with my hubby all week.

I had a mini-meltdown. I yelled at my hubby on the phone telling him that this happened because I'm so stressed. I sulked and pouted. He offered to come home and sit with me until the locksmith came but I wanted to be alone. He offered me a full day spa routine for a Valentine's gift and I told him i wasn't worth it. Oh, I was a thrill to be around.

During my mad time, a thought crossed my mind: "IF I ever get my keys, I'm going to McD's to cash in my free Mac Snack wrap coupon. I deserve it!"

But then, the sweet kid from the locksmith rescued my keys. I cooled off. I decided to just take the day off since it was shot anyway. I took a nap with my kitty. And I woke up and realized how stupid I'd behaved. So, it was a crappy day for me. For someone else, it would be a peach of a day. I had to call a locksmith and pay $35. Big whoop. It sounds insane to even think it was cause a meltdown.

And what made me think that any of this earned me a trip to McD's?? What kind of treat is that? A tiny 350 calorie wrap of such lousy quality that they are giving them away to anyone who reads the Sunday paper? No, I deserve better than that.

I also apologized to my poor hubby. And I'll have his favorite dinner ready when he gets home.

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Janelle said...

I SO hate days like that!!! I've had many of them, and always have to laugh at my stupidity later. I'm trying to make an effort to ask myself in those situations if this problem will even matter or be remembered a month from now. It doesn't always work, but every now and then it helps me change my mood. I'm glad you're feeling better and hope dinner was wonderful!!!