Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is All You Magazine all that??

I’d heard a lot of good things about All You magazine since I started following money saving blogs. Many shoppers swore by the awesome coupons in each issue. I had never picked one up because I already subscribe to a couple of magazines and I hate paying the newsstand price. A couple of months ago though the son of one of my friends was selling magazine subscriptions for his school. I wanted to buy something so I decided to try All You figuring maybe I would get my money back on coupons if nothing else.

I was underwhelmed by the first issue (January) that I received. I did clip several coupons from it and so far have used two for a savings of $2. My second issue was more impressive. It was the Valentine’s Day issue. There was some good looking recipes in there and I’ve made mental notes to prepare. I clipped more coupons but there were still many more that I didn’t clip. $5 off Rogaine? Thankfully, I don’t need that one!

One of my goals for the year was to keep a running coupon log of how much I was saving by using coupons. I’ve decided to keep a side log of how much I’ve saved with All You coupons as well. I figure this can help me decide if it’s worth renewing when the time comes.

What are your favorite magazines?

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Janelle said...

All You is okay. I've been in it a couple of times, which is cool, but I was really put off by their recent Grocery Challenge. They invited people to challenge themselves to spend no more than $25 per person per week for 4 weeks. But the way they selected their finalists was a joke - they apparently only selected people who talked the magazine up on their popular blogs. It didn't matter how well one did over another - only how much publicity was generated. That isn't exactly the best way to judge a "challenge," you know? It was a very strange endeavor and I felt sorry for a lot of the competitors who really worked hard but got nothing out of it. And the coupons can be good, but not as often as I'd like! :)