Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Week 1 of Fighting Clutter

I’ve been on the Fly Lady plan for a little over a week now and I’m seeing some improvements. As I wrote earlier, I’m modifying the plan to fit my life so I’m not following every single directive. We had company for the weekend so that was extra incentive for me to get my rear in gear and get the house in order.

Fly Lady talks a lot about baby steps and that’s the steps I’m taking. I’m very proud of our bedroom right now. I’ve made the bed every morning since Friday. The surfaces of the nightstand, tv stand and chest have remained clutter free. My bathroom is in better shape; I’m putting my moisturizers, makeup, etc. away each morning instead of leaving it strewn all over the sink. I’m pulling the shower curtain shut to make the room look more put together and to hopefully avoid the gunk that builds up when your curtain stays scrunched up all the time. It’s nice to wake up and retire in a less chaotic room.

I uncluttered the kitchen table and put out my fall table runner and centerpiece and it looks nice.

I’ve noticed that these small efforts really do make a difference in how I feel when I’m at home. So, I’ll continue on because I still have a long way to go to get totally organized.

Baby steps…baby steps.

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