Friday, July 31, 2009

Super Savings at Kohl's!

I really like Kohl's department store. I admit I have neglected it lately for the greener pasture of my town's new shopping center but I fell in love with it again a couple of weeks ago when my mom and I paid a rather long visit. A highlight of that trip was a pair of $6 Chaps dress pants for yours truly. So, when a 15% off coupon arrived in my inbox today along with news of a huge sale I had to go during lunch. I was not disappointed. I came out with this (pardon the poor staging):

What do I have here? Let me tell you about it.

Marvel comics shirt (will be a Christmas gift) Reg price $18, Clearance price $3.60

Lee shorts for me Reg price $34, Clearance price $10.20Sweater for me Reg price $44, Clearance price $4.40

Simply Vera sweater for me (the lilac one) Reg price $64, Clearance price $12.80

Nike workout top for me Reg price $38, Clearance price $11.40

Arrow shirt (gift for Dad) Reg price $36, Clearance price $7.20

Candle Reg price $11.99, Clearance price $2.39Sheets for guest room

Reg price $34.00, Sale price $17.40 (not Clearance)

The total was $69.48. Then I got to use my coupon which brought it down to $59.05. After tax, my grand total was $62.59!!!! It gets better though. I also got $10 in Kohl's Cash for use on a future purchase. The checkout guy told me that next week the Clearance racks will be totally restocked and there will be some great deals.

I plan to go back. After all, I have $10 of free money!

PS. Is anyone still paying full price for anything these days?


Laura said...

Wow! Our Kohls NEVER has any good deals. I don't know if it's because it's a brand new store or what. Nice finds!

Dalia said...

WOW.!! It seems that you really saved huge money. I am too a regular Kohl's shopper. Hope to get some good deal on my next shopping.