Monday, June 22, 2009

Minda Tries Greek Yogurt-And You Can Try It Cheaper

For the past year or so, I've been seeing and hearing a lot about Greek yogurt. Supposedly, it's healthier, tastier and just all around awesome to those who like it. To those who don't (like The Pasta Queen) it is comparable to diaper cream.

I took the plunge and tried a cup today. I'm trying to eat better and I've been following a meal plan that suggested Greek yogurt for breakfast. I was skeptical that I would even find Greek yogurt in our town but Kroger did not let me down. It was there in the produce aisle in the tiny little dairy case that houses all of the soy and organic dairy stuff.

The brand I tried was Oikos which is made by Stonyfield. The price tag was $2.29. Yikes! I decided to suck it in and try it anyway. I was very happy when it turned out to be on sale for $1.09.

I have to stay that I really liked the texture. It's much thicker, almost like a sour cream consistency. I bought plain so there wasn't a whole lot of taste and it actually tasted a lot like a full fat sour cream. I mixed berries in with it and all in all, it was pretty good. I like that it's organic and doesn't have a string of chemicals in it. I would buy it again.

But before I thought about buying it again, I looked for coupons. And found them here. There's a slew of coupons for organic and soy dairy products made by Oikos and Stonyfield including a 50 cent for the Greek yogurt. At Kroger, at the current $1.09 sale price and with a double coupon it would be 9 cents!! I can't wait to go try another flavor

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