Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Reuben By Any Other Name...

I love Reubens. The sandwich you know, not guys named Reuben. There are a couple of local places here that make terrific ones. Reubens are not the healthiest snack to munch on so when I decided to make a home version I looked for ways to slim it up. I thought substituting turkey for corned beef would be a healthy switch. It was my understanding that this would make the sandwich a Rachel. However, Wikipedia tells me differently.
So what did I make? A Modified Rachel? A Turkey Reuben? A Minda? Whatever you call it, it was yummy. Here's what I did:

Toasted two pieces of wheat bread.

Heated a nonstick skillet and sprayed it with cooking spray. I added one serving of deli turkey and let it heat through.

While turkey heated, I spread spicy mustard on one piece of bread and a serving of mayo on the other.

Piled turkey on mustard coated bread and then warmed a heap of saurkraut up in the skillet. Saurkraut is very low calorie so pile it up!

Topped turkey with warm saurkraut and add a slice of Swiss cheese. Stick under broiler until cheese is melted.

Remove from broiler and top with mayo coated bread.

It was awesome and by my calculations came in at around 385 calories. If I'd had reduced calorie bread, I could have knocked it down to 315. Will definitely make this again!


Sherry said...

I absolutely love sauerkraut. I don't make it much though as the rest of the house can't stand the smell. LOL!

Minda said...

I love it too. My mom always made and canned her own when I was growing up (still does) and I never think the store bought kind tastes as good.