Sunday, January 6, 2008

Easiest Fruit Salad Ever

This is a pretty simple tip that my mom passed along to me. She picked it up from the cashier at her local grocery store.

Condensed milk makes a pretty darn good fruit salad dressing.
Growing up, Mom made a homemade fruit salad dressing that involved cooking a dressing up with multiple ingredients, letting it cool, etc. Well, it turns out that a little condensed milk tossed with your fruit tastes just as good.

Last year, I made a very simple fruit salad with canned tropical fruit, a freshly chopped apple and some grapes. I let it chill overnight in the fridge then took it to work for a breakfast meeting. My co-workers loved it and couldn't believe how easy it was.

Just make sure you use condensed milk NOT evaporated.


Anonymous said...

Great idea, and yes super easy. Exactly how much do you use?

Minda said...

I just "guesstimate" it based on the size of the salad. I start with a couple of tablespoons and then the toss the salad around and see how far it's going. You just want a light coat.