Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mixin' It Up

My husband bought me a beautiful Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas. Similar to this one, except mine is black:

He was very excited about it and I was too. He couldn't wait for me to mix a cake with it. Unfortunately, I was sick with a stomach bug when he gave it to me so it was a few days before I felt like baking a cake with it. I did finally throw together a boxed cake mix (shame on me I know) and it was neat. Then, I tried bread. Not so neat.

I read all of these great posts about people baking their own bread. Mine was a failure. It didn't taste good, it didn't rise to the occasion. It was a brick basically.

I made mashed potatoes with the mixer this weekend and there was a hit.

In my new Rachael Ray magazine this month, there is a recipe for deep dish pizza made in a cast iron skillet and it gives directions to make the crust in a mixer. I want to try but the memory of the brick bread is haunting me.

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