Monday, November 24, 2008

Cooking With Cast Iron

At the top of my wanted list during our trip to the Smokies was a cast iron skillet. My mother and grandmother wouldn't have dreamed of making cornbread in anything other than a cast iron skillet. I have my grandmother's 8 inch skillet but due to my poor care taking it has grown rusty. So, I wanted a new one just like it and a bigger one for frying.

And I wanted one from the Lodge Cast store. Why? Because they are made in the USA. I didn't want some flimsy Chinese piece of crap. I wanted a heavy duty American frying pan, dang it! Part of my delay in buying a new skillet was finding one. I guess I could have ordered a Lodge Cast online but I never got around to it. And I sort of wanted to actually hold it in my hand before purchase.

I bought two: a 8.2 inch and a 10 inch. I tried both out last night by making my hubby some fried potatoes and cornbread. He was pleased. I was pleased. Now I'm on the lookout for burner-to-oven recipes that I can try out with my new toys.

I also found a good article about taking care of my skillets here.

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