Thursday, November 6, 2008

Because Style Trumps Recession!

You know I am a fan of online shopping. Today I got an email ad from New York and Co with a subject line that said "$30 off. Because Style Trumps Recession."

It has cracked me up. I guess retailers know they have a tough row to hoe with the economy being what it is and are going on the offense. So what if you are poor? For goodness sakes, don't look poor! Is that the message? So what if this will max out your credit card, looking good is more important!

Last week I bought a designer purse through a killer deal online. And I actually felt sort of guilty about it and swore to myself that I would make a donation to some worthy charity. Apparently, my guilt was misplaced since style trumps recession!!

No, I don't plan to order anything from New York and Co.

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