Sunday, October 12, 2008

Buying in Bulk: It works for us

My hubby and I joined Sam’s Club right before we got married. It works for us. I think people either love or hate the notion of buying in bulk. Some, like us, like the savings and the convenience while others prefer shopping the sales and using coupons to get cheapies or even freebies. I try to combine both. Here are some of the deals we picked up Saturday:

Pillsbury Crescent Rolls 4pkg of 8 count rolls for $5.88 or $1.47 each
Laughing Cow Cheese 3pkg for $6.78 or $2.26 each
Ruffles Potato Chips 2 big bags for $4.88 or $2.44 each
Wheat Bread 2 loaves for $3.12 or $1.56 each
Pringles 12 mini cans for $5.04 or $.42 each
Nestle Bottle Water 30 bottles for $3.88 or $.12 each

We also buy all of our detergent, dishwasher tabs, and paper products there. We also try to buy cat food there (much cheaper), coffee (although I do pick it up at CVS when it’s on sale), and Splenda among other things. We are at a disadvantage since Sam’s is not in our home town so we usually only got up there once every couple of months. If there was one here in our town, I would go weekly. My hubby goes through potato chips and bread so quickly that our membership would pay for itself just on the savings from those items.

In addition to our staples, Sam’s also has a really good meat department and seafood department. The fresh produce is wonderful. They also have a plethora of dips, appetizers and specialty cheeses that we can’t find anywhere in our town. The frozen food selection is awesome. I buy country fried steaks there that are terrific. Hubby loads up on mozzarella sticks. And I haven’t bought chicken at a supermarket in three years because I buy big bags of Tyson at Sam’s.

There are disadvantages of course. One is the membership fee of $40. Plus, it’s hard to walk out of there without spending a couple of hundred dollars. If you are cramped for space, it probably wouldn’t work for you too well either although I think it’s definitely worth trying to make space for some of the deals.

Yes, it pains me to write such a glowing blog about a Wal-Mart affiliated store. But that’s the only warehouse type store we have here. I’m sure I would love Costco just as much.

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