Monday, September 8, 2008

Two Steps to a Perfect Steak

I hate to brag but I can grill a mean steak. My hubby says he prefers my steaks over any steakhouse. My secret? Montreal steak seasoning. I usually buy the McCormick brand but Kroger has their own brand so I'm sure other stores have a version of it too. There's a recipe on the bottle for a terrific marinade that combines the seasoning, olive oil and soy sauce. It makes an awesome steak.

Another tip? Add a pat of butter to hot steak before serving. It might sound weird but the butter will melt in and give the steak a little extra something-something. I don't always do this because of the added fat but if you're feeling frisky, try it!


Donna @ The Frugal Mom Blog said...

Thanks for the tips, I will admit, grilling steak is not my favorite thing to do as it never comes out right. I actually have the Montreal steak seasoning in my cabinet so I will try that the next time. The butter tips actually makes sense,I can't wait to try out that tip. Thanks.

Mimi said...

We love steak at my house. Thanks for the great tips. I'll buy the seasoning and give it a go!