Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eating fresh at Taco Bell?

I normally eat lunch at my desk. But today when the upstairs mens room leaked disgusting water (I tell myself that's all it was) all over my desk, I decided it was time to vacate the premises.

Since I'm trying to eat better, I had to think long and hard about where to grab something on the go. I settled on Taco Bell. Now don't laugh. Taco Bell, if you choose wisely (no supreme anything, nothing that weighs a half-pound), isn't so bad. They also have a new Fresco menu of ligher items. Since my keyboard was soaked in something, I didn't take the time before lunch to look at nutritional information so it was very helpful to see the calories and fat in these items right there on the drive thru menu board. Taco Bell has actually been offering Fresco items for a long time although I had never seen them advertised in Kentucky. Of course, we are one of the heaviest states in the union. Coincidence?

Anywho, I tried two Ranchero Chicken Soft Tacos. There were two large soft tacos filled with grilled chicken, lettuce and a pico de gallo topping. No cheese or sour cream. The pico was not very flavorful but it wasn't bad either. The tacos were pretty big and very filling for a combined 340 calories and 8 grams of fat. I have to say I would pick this over Subway.

So the next time you're trying to eat light, don't settle for a sub. Try Taco Bell Fresco!

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Amanda said...

I love Taco Bell and grilled chicken so I'll have to try those out this week. Thanks for the tip - and thanks for visiting my blog.