Monday, August 4, 2008

Support Your Local...Everything

You hear a lot in the summer about supporting your local farmers by buying produce at farmers' markets. I'm all about that. The food is better, cheaper and healthier for you since there is less chance of pesticides or other unsavory element. I wouldn't have been able to make jalapeno jelly had it not been for the nice gentleman and his son who grew jalapenos here in Madison county since Kroger had to pull its Mexican raised peppers. Besides food producers, there are others in your area who could use your support.
Take for example, local artists and actors. I don't live in a cosmopolitan area by any means but there are two community theater groups within ten miles of my house. A couple of weeks ago, I took my 4 year old niece to see a production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella which was staged in a barn. This barn. She loved it because it something completely new and different for her. It was cheaper than a movie and a much more memorable outing for us. I am embarrassed to say it was the first time I had been to a production here but it won't be the last. Check your newspapers for theater or art exhibits near you. The price is usually low and it can be a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience.
This past Saturday a good friend and I visited a local winery. We had been trying to get out there (it's only three miles out of town for pete's sake) for a year but kept failing to do so. On Saturday, they hosted a fundraiser/festival so we felt this was our nudge to go. It was fun! We took a wagon tour of the vineyard, took a tour of the winery given by the actual winemaker, watched a grape stomping contest, had a delicious meal and oh yes, sampled some good wine. We spent most of the day there and it was almost like a day trip 'staycation'. All within three miles of town. Pretty cool, huh?
Most of us spend so much time thinking of places that we'd rather be that we fail to see what's in our own backyard. With gas prices so high, it's worth your time and money to taste some of the local flavors your home town might have to offer.

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