Saturday, August 9, 2008

Home grown fun

Last night, my hubby and I along with one of his friends and one of my friends played golf at our local golf course's par 3 course. (A par 3 course is a shorter course for you non-golfers). The weather was perfect! Normally, the par 3 is pretty deserted but last night there were actually a lot of people on it including a lot of young people. Since no one was at the pay window when we pulled up we decided to play then pay. We played 18 holes and then went to pay. It turns out it was Family Night and the price was only $3 per person! How awesome was that? It's normally $12 for 18 holes. We think this might be a new Friday night activity.

This morning I breezed through the Farmer's Market which just happens to be in the parking lot of our second home (Lowe's). I bought a pound and a half of green beans, four green bell peppers, and two tomatoes for $3.50. I think tonight we'll have pizza (half cheese, half veggie) and tomorrow I'll cook the green beans.

Painting starts tonight...stay tuned.

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