Thursday, July 31, 2008

Minda Reviews Chef Boyardee: Homemade Pizza From a Box

Growing up in a rural area there was no such thing as pizza delivery and to bring one home carry-out meant a twenty minute drive and cold pizza. So, my mother made Chef Boyardee Pizza Kit pizzas. Oh my, they were tasty! She loaded them up with pepperoni, green pepper, mushrooms, onions and lots of cheese. I hadn't had one in years until last fall when I decided to make one for hubby. A weekly tradition was born.

I can't stress enough what a picky eater I married. Hubby loves pizza but it has to be thin crust, extra cheese and light on the sauce. I was actually shocked at how much he loves these Chef pizzas. He prefers them to delivery.

In our area, the available kits are cheese which comes with a pouch of Parmesan or pepperoni which has tiny pepperonis in the sauce. Obviously, we do cheese. The kits contain two pouches of crust mix but I generally fix one that we can split and save the other for another night. The crust is very simple: mix with warm water, drizzle with oil, let set for five minutes. I use a Pampered Chef large baking stone and it covers the entire stone so it makes a pretty big pizza. I do his half with light on the sauce which is included (a good sauce too, not too sweet nor too tangy) and go heavy on Sargento shredded cheese. For my half, I put pepperoni (turkey or regular) and whatever I have like olives, onions, jalapenos or tomatoes. It bakes in 20 minutes. Cheaper than delivery and usually faster too.

If you want a homemade pizza and cringe at the sight of a recipe that requires yeast like I do, try the Chef!


Heather said...

Wow, your husband and I have exactly the same taste in pizza: I'm not fond of marinara sauce, love the crunchy crust, and adore cheese. And extra pepperoni. om nom nom nom nom.

(And Chef Boyardee pizzas really are awesome!)

krissie said...

How funny! My mom and I were just talking about the Chef and his pizzas in a box. We always topped them with a ton of toppings and a little extra cheese.

Yummmm. Maybe I'll make some tomorrow...