Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

I will be taking a break from blogging for the next few days to celebrate the 4th of July.


What a great combination!

If you're traveling this weekend and receive a delivered newspaper, don't forget to ask that your delivery be stopped. You don't want newspapers piled up at your door which is a sure sign to strangers that you are not home. My newspaper gives the option of having the missed copies saved for your return or DONATING the value of the papers to a program they sponsor that provides free newspapers to students to read in the classroom. My school participated in this program when I was young and I think it helped developed my enjoyment of settling in with the newspaper. Online news is great but nothing beats scattering a thick Sunday paper all over the floor while you sip your coffee.

I wish you all a safe and happy holiday weekend.

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