Thursday, April 29, 2010

Being (and Being Rewarded) By a Coupon Fairy

Do you ever play Coupon Fairy?

A coupon fairy is someone who leaves unwanted coupons behind for others, usually placing the coupon beside the item in a store. I'd read of such beings and occasionally saw a stray coupon on a shelf but never got rewarded by one until today.

I was buying Cheer detergent which I seem to never have coupons for when lo and behold, there lay a coupon for $1 on the shelf beside it. I snatched that puppy up. Yay! I was already a little giddy since my Clorox 2 had a "Save Now!" coupon stuck on it.

I decided to celebrate my good fortune by playing coupon fairy myself. I placed a $1.50 off Endust that I probably won't need by the expiration on the shelf beside the cans of Endust. I also had a $1 Febreze coupon that I put out as fairy dust.

I hope someone will use them and get a little joy from them.

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