Thursday, February 25, 2010

Down 8.8 and Feeling Great!

Wow, what a cheesey post title. Mmmmm.....cheese...

I mentioned in an earlier post that I recommitted myself to a healthier lifestyle on January 1. As we near the end of February, I’m pleased to report that I have stuck with my commitment and have an 8.8 pound weight loss to show for it!

I’m very happy with my progression. I didn’t really set a timeline for myself but after a week or two I started thinking….hmmmm, how about 15 pounds by April 15? April 15 is really not a very special day-unless you consider sending Uncle Sam a check “special”-but it is a day that doesn’t escape without notice. So, I guess I am now publicly committing to trying to lose 15 pounds or more by April 15.

I know this do not seem like terribly ambitious goals. I’m sure I could stand to lose 25 pounds. But this isn’t my first weight loss effort either so I know that baby steps help you get to the finish line just as much as giant leaps do.
I’ll keep you posted…

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