Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Month Fast Food Free!

I started off the new year with a renewed commitment to eat healthier. Last year, I experimented with becoming a vegetarian and while that didn't work out in the end, it did make me evaluate some of my food choices. I began 2010 with a mindset that I would reduce the amount of processed food in our diets (yes, my poor Hubby is feeling the residual effects here) and limit fast food. Today, makes one full month of the new year. And I'm pleased to report that neither of us has eaten anything from a drive thru.

We have eaten out some and honestly, I've dined out more than him. We had a New Year's dinner at Olive Garden, local Mexican place for my birthday, and I had Panera Bread (soup and half sandwich) twice. I also had a veggie sandwich from a mom and pop deli and a veggie sandwich from Jimmy John's. We have also had pizza a couple of times. So we haven't been completely eating at home every meal. But no drive-thrus, no french fries, no greasy burgers and no eating in the car. With the exception of the Mexican place and the deli, all of the other places make their nutritional information public so we've been able to see how many calories, how much fat, etc. that we are eating too.

I don't expect to keep this streak going for the year. I'll give in eventually. But I'm proud of us so far. Besides saving money, I know we are eating better and making healthier choices and you can't put a dollar value on that.

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