Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saving a WHOLE lot with Half.Com

Textbook prices are insane. I try not to complain because I only buy one book per semester and my tuition is paid by my employer so I feel I have no room to gripe. But taking two classes this semester doubled my book bill. And January is a tough month because we're rebounding from Christmas purchases and we have car insurance and car taxes due. With those things in mind, I was a little blue to discover one of my textbooks was $205 (new)/$150 used and the other was $177 new with no used available. Yikes!

I hightailed it to the campus bookstore and got one of only two used copies of Book A. With an employee discount of 10 percent, I got the book for $135. And thought I had gotten a steal! How sad is that? I could not bring myself to fork over the money for Book B. It's kind of like buying overpriced gas. You know you have to do it but you put it off as long as you can.

Friday I saw an ad for's textbooks. is an ebay company and the products are sold by individual sellers like you and I. I thought, why not? In about ten minutes, I had purchased Book B for $13.99 (including shipping). Yes, $13.99. A savings of $163!!! I was floored. I actually said a little prayer of thanks.

On the way home from work I told Hubby I wasn't sure whether to rejoice or kick myself for finding for the last book of my program. He said to rejoice. I think I will.

I haven't received the book yet but the seller had sold almost 30,000 items with positive reviews so I feel ok about it. I've never had a bad ebay experience (knock on wood). And for $163 it's worth a try!

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