Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Krogering

I normally try to avoid Saturday grocery shopping because it seems that's when everyone shops. But sometimes you can't help it and today Hubby and I found ourselves at a packed Kroger store at half past noon. Yikes!

It turns out most of the crowd was on their way out and we actually got our shopping in pretty fast. I like Kroger because they double coupons up to 50 cents. Today, I had almost nine dollars in coupons. Some good deals:

Campbell's Chicken Noodle and Tomato Soup was five cans for $3. I had a coupon for 40cents off of 4 cans which was doubled so we got five cans for $2.20 or 44 cents per can. Note: We did not try to do the 'Buy 15 selected items, get $3 off' promotion. The soup was part of it and would have driven the price down to 24 cents per can!

Del Monte Harvest Selections meals: This is a new product for me. These are packaged meals that contain two servings of veggies and are ready to eat in 90 seconds. They claim not to contain any preservatives. I had a buy one get one free coupon and they were on sale for $2.29. This made each meal around $1.14. Pretty cheap lunch, huh? I will review these meals here upon consumption.

Hormel Compleats were on sale for $2.59. I have tried these and they are suprisingly good. I like the chili with macaroni variety. I had a 75 cent coupon so $1.84 for this meal.

Fiber One Muffin Mix is another new product that I wanted to try. It was $3.39. I had a 40 cent coupon so I decided to buy it. The cashier scanned this coupon twice and each time it doubled so I ended up getting it for $1.79. I didn't think they would scan twice and I have no idea why he did it. He was looking right at the monitor so I didn't argue.

I used the Pillsbury coupons in last week's paper to get Crescent Rolls for $1.29 and Pizza Crust (for a bacon cheeseburger calzone I'll make later in the week) for $1.85.

Some non coupon good deals: Grapes for $1.28 per pound, wheat bread 2 loaves for $4 and milk 4 half gallons for $5.

We came home with a lot of food and had a lower bill than normal. We're happy!

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