Sunday, August 24, 2008

We Survived!

Project Living Room is pretty much done. The only thing left is our new front door and we are leaving that one to the good folks at Lowes. It should arrive around Saturday and they will install it. I hope to share some pictures soon. Right now, I'm having technical difficulties it seems.

In short here's what we did though not in order:

Replaced outside lighting (front porch light, garage lights, lights on the back doors)
Ripped up the carpet and installed hardwood flooring in living room and hall
Painted all walls in living room and hall
Removed all baseboard and door and window trim (eight doors including closets) in the living room and hall and sanded and stained said trim to match the flooring
Replaced all outlets and switches in the living room and hall and replaced their face plates

No wonder I'm tired. Seriously, we are so blessed to have parents to help us out and my hubby's parents really worked their behinds off to help us this week. And worked ours pretty hard too!

Coming up later in the week, my tips for making the home improvement process as easy as possible.

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