Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Minda Reviews Tyson Pre-cooked Bacon: Judge Not Til You Try

I love Tyson products but had never tried their pre-cooked bacon because 1) I thought it was a tad pricey 2) Bacon on a shelf sort of weirded me out and 3) How hard is it really to cook bacon yourself? But last week I was in a hurry to throw together a meal and wanted bacon for a salad I planned to make. Rather than taking the time to fry up some bacon I bought a pack of pre-cooked bacon. It was on sale although I don't remember the price.

My first impression was not that great. I microwaved it the recommended time for "crisp" and it was still pretty limber. Now, I personally, like limber bacon. But Hubby likes it crisp almost to the point of being burnt and I prefer a more crisp texture for a salad. So I zapped it again. It still wasn't what I would call crisp but I was afraid another nuking would render it tough as leather so I made do. "I probably will not buy this again," I actually said aloud to Hubby.

But the next day when we grilled burgers, I realized how easy I could nuke a piece of bacon for a bacon cheeseburger. Yum! And last night I finished off the pack with a bacon and tomato sandwich that took very little time and did not cause a grease cloud in the kitchen. So, perhaps I judged the bacon a little harshly.

All in all, it does taste good. It's convinient. But it doesn't take the place of real honest to goodness bacon. And how's a country gal like me supposed to make gravy with no bacon grease in a frying pan? It's a quick easy substitute but I'll still be bringing home the real Tyson bacon for my breakfast cravings.

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