Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday Kitchen Tip

Tammy's Recipes is hosting Tuesday Tips so I thought I'd pass along a great tip I picked up a few weeks ago from Heloise.

Instead of using a knife to spread your peanut butter and jelly for a PB & J sandwich, use a spoon. The jelly won't stick to the knife and it's hard to judget how much jelly or peanut butter you're scooping out with a knife. With the spoon you can scoop it out and then spread it on the bread with the back of the spoon. Try it! I did and I've been leaving the knives in the drawer ever since.


Mom2fur said...

Great idea! I'd be tempted to lick the PB off the spoon, LOL!

Minda said...

Well that's safer than licking the knife! :)