Friday, July 25, 2008

A Can-do Attitude

Growing up my mom canned a lot of food. Each summer my parents raised a huge garden and she canned green beans, tomatoes, fresh tomato juice, and corn. She also made yummy saurkraut, corn relish, spaghetti sauce, pickled bananna pepper rings, numerous flavors of jelly and jam, and for many years pickles until in an Aunt Bea-like moment she realized no one was eating the pickles. I helped but I had little interest in learning how to actually can.

Now, that I've gotten older I've heard so many women say "I wish I knew how to can." I used to think why in the world would anyone want to can? It's hard work and almost a little dangerous because it seems to me that once false move with the canner would blow up the kitchen. A couple of days ago though I saw this recipe for jalapeno jelly and now I'm psyched to try to make jelly. My mom is thrilled and encouraging. I will not need a canner so I feel somewhat safe. I'm heading out this morning to look for jars . Due to the salmonella scare I'll be scouring the farmers market tomorrow for locally grown peppers.

As I looked through canning recipes, I began to see other possibilties. Salsa! Apple butter! Grape jelly! But I'll take it slow. I'll try the pepper jelly and see what happens.

Today, is a flex day off from work for me so I'm trying to catch up on housework. I have one load of laundry done. I am trying to avoid using the dryer as much as possible so I start with clothing that can be hung up and then move into things I have to dry like towels. The flex schedule kind of stinks because I work longer hours through the week but having a bonus day helps me catch up on chores that would normally fall to the weekend.

And since this weekend is my second wedding anniversary, I can't be bothered with chores can I???? :)

Updated at noon to add: Just returned from Wal-Mart where I cashed in $7 worth of coupons and scored these deals:

32 oz Powerade FREE (actually a "moneymaker" because it was priced 60 cents and I had a $1 coupon)
Kotex pantyliners for 25 cents
Honey Bunches of Oats Just Bunches cereal for 50 cents, coupon here (bought it to give to my mom but could be tempted to eat it myself)

Also, got to play Coupon Genie and leave a $1 off A1 coupon on the shelf for someone. The coupon is nearly expired and I don't need A1 right now.

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Krissie said...

I actually made a ton of blackberry freezer jam for several summers in a row. Blackberries, sugar, pectin, and freeze. It was SO GOOD. Just keep a jar in the fridge and the rest in the freezer. We left most of it in the freezer when we moved as a Welcome gift. I sure wish I had some now. Sigh.